“Allah is the guardian of those who believe. He brings them out of the darkness into the light…” (The Noble Quran 2:257)


With the current state of the world and the recent election in the West, I can understand what some are going through. As anyone who has read the Prophecies about the end of times knows, these current events are Signs coming to pass, Sadaqa Rasulallah (SAW). We need to remember, however, that everything we face, blessings or hardships, are all His will and are only there to drive us to refocus our attention. And Who deserves our undivided attention more than our Creator?

We are upset, because we put too much faith in the dunya. We expected this beautiful delusion to give us something that it is not designed to give, we wanted it to nurture us and elevate our standing, forgetting that only Allah can free us from this bondage and the key lies within us, Subhan’Allah.

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (The Noble Quran 13:11)

If you finally feel conflicted and unease, which you rightfully should, this is not the time to act in vain by analyzing dunya and its volatile undulations. It is the time for self-reflection, sincere tauba and a revolution of the heart and soul. It’s the reason why we were so generously given Signs (Ayat) and Prophecies, so that we would awake to awareness and shake off the grip of delusion. Put away the distractions and the follies. There’s work to be done, work we have put off for far too long. We have to show immense patience and gratitude by transforming ourselves to be better for Him and Trust in Him, hold His rope and not let go…please…not this time.

It’s time to stay awake.

Allahu Akbar – Allah is Greater! Greater than anything this dunya can throw at us, Greater than its hollow promises, Greater than the irrational expectations we put into imperfect flesh and blood. It’s time to chase Perfection, to change this never-ending cycle of hope and disappointment. Be a true unapologetic believer, be a true submissive slave, be a true uncompromising follower, heed His warnings and He will keep His promises. He will be enough for us. Don’t look for redemption, solace, status or acceptance from anywhere else, because you can only find it in Him. Nothing can ever compare. Call on Him, ask of Him and be satisfied, for it is He who promises that if we put His desires before our own here, we will not only receive the Reward of the Afterlife, but comfort in this Dunya as well.

Free yourself, so we can all be set free…Insha’Allah.


“O mankind, indeed the promise of Allah is truth, so let not the worldly life delude you and be not deceived about Allah by the Deceiver.” (The Noble Quran 35:5)

May Allah SWA, through His Infinite Mercy and Grace, give us ease, help us to truly understand our state and guide us to act in the best of manners with patience and dignity, Ameen.

“The Gods have to Go” – Imam Zaid Shakir




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