“Eat of the good things we have provided for your sustenance, but commit not excess therein.” (Qur’an 20:81)

As-salaamu ‘alaikum,

A much too serious topic to ignore is our consumption and the harm it causes us. Although I have singled out Coke in this piece, there are a ton of main stream restaurants and foods that we consume that are out right bad for us and we know it. Yet we still eat them, relish in it, brag about it to our friends on FaceBook and then complain about our high cholesterol, blood pressure and ever expanding waist line.

The worst of it is how even our Mosques have become involved in this rapidly spreading virus, that harms and kills more people per annum because of its disease causing ingredients. You cannot step into a Mosque on Jummah without seeing coke and other fatty, sugar piled drinks and foods infesting Allah’s home. A place where nothing of harm should touch you, yet we sell ticking time bombs to people at a dollar a pop who have no business going near the stuff. Then in the same Mosque we collect money to help the Palestinians in their plight and to save lives all around the world, yet we cannot see the harm we do in our own communities while promoting this vile food and its atrocious companies who know exactly how terrible and addicting their product i, but are oblivious to any kind of conscience what so ever. Instead, they package themselves off to be leaders in humanitarian aide and loving polar bears to death. Killing the majority of the world to help a few? Creating giant industries and factories in places where they destroy habitat and rearrange peoples lives and integrity for the sake of consumerism all while depleting our ozone layer and taking giant strides towards helping in the decrease of the world’s environment to help put the Polar bear on the endangered species list in the first place, is this intellect? There is no intellect here and if there is it is evil and heartbreaking. We are the only people in the span of life on Earth that spends billions of dollars creating problems for ourselves and then spend even more to try to fix them.

You will agree with me that it is haram to commit suicide? Yes? Well, is it ok to do it over a number of years? Is it ok to drink a poison drop by drop that will eventually lead you to your death? We need to stop having selective hearing and a selective intellect. Stop your Mosques from serving this poison and stop bringing it into you homes. Trust me, you will be better for it, healthier for it and you will feel good about standing up for something and showing your intellect. Please do read on about a piece that I wrote about a particular infestation that I think is the leader in Muslim consumption and absolute garbage in ingredients. Please also visit the links, I believe you will come away with a little something about the choices we make and how they are not what they seem.

 In the Quran we find Allah advising us:
” . . . Eat and drink: but waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters.” (Qur’an 7:31)

“Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Inc., said,” early last year, “they’ve changed the way they make the caramel colouring used in their cola products sold in California in response to a state labelling rule that mandates drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens come with a warning label.” This is an exert from the article attached below.

Now we know that it would take a normal person many cokes to actually contract cancer, but here’s the kicker: with the many cancer causing agents found in even the “healthy and natural” foods we consume, is this a necessary addition to our already chemical packed diets? Necessary being the optimum word here…

Carcinogens not enough to make you give it up? How about the sugar? There are ten teaspoons of sugar in a can a coke! Could you imagine putting ten teaspoons of sugar in a tea or coffee?! You can see the research in a wonderful chart published by Harvard School of Public Health below. When it comes to sugar, there are many drinks to avoid and they are listed as well.

In a life of excess, when we understand the plight of our fellow man and the blessings we have, is it ok for us to harm ourselves intentionally just because we can? Please read the information below and decide whether this precious life is worth the sacrifice of our sometimes destructive desires…


Check out the article below to find out more about carcinogens and what other places besides California are saying!



And finally a blog from a self professed coke addict:


Please remember what Umar (RAA) Said:

“Beware of filling your stomachs with food and drink, for it is harmful to the body and causes sickness and laziness in performing prayers. Be moderate in both food and drink, for that is healthier for your bodies and furthest removed from extravagance. Allah (SWT) will hate the fat man (one who revels in a life of luxury), and a man will not be condemned until he favours his desires over his religion.”

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