“The submitting men, the submitting women, the believing men, the believing women, the obedient men, the obedient women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the steadfast men, the steadfast women, the reverent men, the reverent women, the charitable men, the charitable women, the fasting men, the fasting women, the chaste men, the chaste women, and the men who commemorate Allah frequently, and the commemorating women; Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great recompense.” (The Noble Quran 33:35)

  THE GODS HAVE TO GO – Imam Zaid Shakir


In this day and age where it seems that social and political acceptance can only come from following the code of moral ethics and principals of the status quo, we seem to forget who we really are and Who we should be trying to impress. Reading a recent article about a Canadian Muslim woman in the UK leading Friday prayers as an imam in front men (and the media apparently) to basically give a more “liberal” image to Islam got me thinking. It always seems to come down to women. Whether they want to sell our bodies for advertising and entertainment or our dignity and faith for their own political agendas, we are manipulated like clueless pawns, adorable little feminists. We are told that to be truly liberated we have to distance ourselves from our very nature by speaking like men, dressing like men, acting like men or when all else fails physically attracting men, as if men are the epitome of the perfection we should all desperately strive for in any shape or form. As if we are lacking in some way and being equivalent to them will somehow make us superior beings. We are led to believe we act on our own volition, that somehow in these orchestrated acts we are freeing ourselves when in reality we are further enslaved.


This sister and many women like her are unknowingly being pushed out into the spotlight to be paraded around like some white flag of surrender to the clucking tongues of hate-mongering secularists demanding apologies, conformity and silence. According to these “enlightened” Muslims, a faith that has been practiced for the last 1400 years is suddenly in need of a reform brought on by people who are apparently more knowledgeable about Islam and understand the Quran better than Islamic Scholars, the Sahaba (RA) and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself. Subhan’Allah, I have no words for this. May Allah guide us, Ameen.

Seeing this image triggered something in me. Strengthened my resolve you could say.


I’m not ready to surrender.

I don’t want my daughter to just fit in or conform, I don’t want her to think that she should have to compromise her faith, I don’t want her to just settle for whatever’s easier. I don’t want her to be impressed by trivial pursuits or attempt to impress a jaded and distracted audience, I want my girl to leave an impression of His light wherever He chooses to take her, even if it’s just a flicker. I want her to be like our Mothers (RA) and strive for perfection no matter how unattainable it may seem and to be strong in faith so that when this Dunya (world) tries to give her that inevitable shake she stands firm. I want her to embrace her very nature and feel satisfied with the fact that He created her a woman, that He elevated her by choosing her to be His vessel to bring life into this world and entrusted her with the privilege of raising up His slaves. I want her to fall in love with Him, His Messenger (SAW), His Message and this journey so that she can be His instrument, His beacon. I want her to belong to Him and know that no one else owns her, moulds her, cushions her stumbles but Him and that He holds her past, present and future in His grasp. He is her anchor.


I want her to be conscious of Allah and her surroundings, to realize that she is not a princess or a trophy. She doesn’t have to be the prettiest girl in the room or an utter genius. No matter how they spin it, she actually doesn’t need the labels or the neat little package that the vultures of this world insist on wrapping her in. I never want her to compare herself with the reality of another or to doubt her capability and capacity. He has given her the right to choose her own path under His guidance and so she shall, Insha’Allah. Above all, I want her to know that she definitely doesn’t need anyone’s attention or approval to validate her existence except His.

She isn’t “one of the girls” or anyone’s girl but His and it’s this submission that beautifies her, that magnifies her, that solidifies her, that dignifies her…that really sets her apart, that truly liberates her.

May Allah protect our daughters, make them knowledgable in this deen, may He make them strong, be women of dignity and of sound reasoning and voices, Ameen.

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (The Noble Quran 51:56)

The Empowerment of Women – By: Yasmin Mogahed
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With the recent appearance of a hijab clad Muslim woman, journalist Noor Tagouri, in the October 2016 issue of the ever degrading pornography magazine Playboy, I believe this piece is as relevant as ever. Our voices cannot be crushed by the “Politics of Normalcy”, we do not have anything to prove to anyone except Allah. If we have to be the new freaks on the block, so be it. We have to keep our intentions and motivations in check, especially with all this attention. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) suffered far worse, even when he was promised fame, fortune and immunity by the rejectors, he never compromised on Haqq (Truth: The Path of Islam).
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