He bound me to you.
A beacon, a map, a tap.
Can you feel me?
I can feel you,
As we travel through.
Most days I hate you,
Because I want to go home
And you keep taking detours.

I know the way, love.
I know the taste, love.
I know the state, love.
You need these directions.
So, why do you ignore me?
You feed your addictions,
Build castles on bridges
That we must cross.

I push, you don’t budge.
When did you get so heavy?
The first steps were so easy.
I led and you followed.
No distraction, no argument.
Then you grew stronger
And I became weaker.
So, you led and I followed.

Tethered to you.
Bound tight to your marrow.
Sometimes with ribbon,
Sometimes with twine,
At times with sharp thorn vines.
Go where you go,
To the High or the low.
Slow, fast…then slow again.

I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it.
I need you to turn back, love.
Stop ripping it to pieces.
The cool light glows behind us.
This hot, dark tunnel we walk
Only leads to more darkness
Until it lights this night ablaze.
If you only understood.

You wrap me up tight,
So I don’t put up a fight.
You’re drowning me,
I can’t breathe,
But I can’t die either.
You’re my caretaker,
My protector…
My abductor.

Don’t you see what you do?
Remember your promises?
You’ve changed, love.
You’ve ignored me,
Forgotten the Truth.
Your eyes wander and
I grow weary of waiting,
Of propagating.

He calls to empty ears.
You are not lost,
Not until the last breath.
I fight, but I am sick, love.
Bleeding, battered,
Bruised, and broken.
Stop with the bandages
And broken promises.

I know you’re not concerned.
You think you can travel
The scenic route
And still arrive on time
With gas to spare.
You don’t want my interruptions,
Or pleas to stop and ask for directions.
You can’t improvise, guess east and west.

It’s not heavy, love.
Pick it up, dust it off,
Let me heal to remind you.
A Manual to direct,
Navigate, even agitate.
He wants me to come home.
I long for home, I long for Him.
Don’t change our destination.

I’m not paranoid.
I know what lurks.
Don’t let the demons
You’ve unleashed get to me.
I’m vulnerable, don’t you see?
You’re a useless cocoon, love.
Porous, pathetic, and prideful.
I suffer, yet you play on and on.

Let the Pied Piper lead you away.
Dragging me with you
As you dance to his tune.
You rise, I rise.
You fall, I fall.
Don’t talk about Him,
Mock His Mercy and Justice
When you use and abuse me.

You are free,
And I am enslaved.
You are a cruel master, love.
A suicidal murderer.
I’m clawing to get out,
But you keep pushing me down.
I am that twitch,
That reminder you silence,
That spark that animates.

Look at your reflection.
Look into those windows to me.
Do you see me, love?
Withered, wasted, wailing.
You’re failing, so I’m failing.
This key only fits one lock,
Unlock it and walk through.

Give up your games,
Your pick and choose ways.
We only have days,
Before we return to Him.
Bright and glowing or dim.
I wish I could hijack you,
Gently unpack you,
Lay you out and fix you.

Yet, the choice is yours
And I’ll have to live with it.
Have to breathe it,
Or choke on it.
Be your unwilling companion
In sickness and in health.
Death can’t do us part, love.
I am you and you are me.

He will make sure you drink
Until you are satisfied.
Either from the thirst of sacrifice
Or the gluttony you’re used to.
No one knows where you’re going,
But I know our fate, love.
It’ll be me who is treasured or trapped,
When he comes to pull me out.

Until then I lie in wait,
For your next move,
Your next decision,
Or your next indiscretion,
Longing for your turn,
For your concern
For my state and fate.
I’ll call, hoping you’ll answer this time.

Look at His Guidance,
Walk the path once again.
Stay true to me,
Stay true to Him.
Leave this commotion,
This worldly promotion.
Come, let us seek and find,
Leaving this folly behind.

Just take me home, love.
Please, just take me Home.

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