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When I started this blog, I had made a promise to myself that I was going to stay off the topic of Malala, but I came across an article in a very prominent Pakistani newspaper the other day which was written from a satirical point of view and basically poked fun at the efforts that have been put into place to investigate the ongoings of the day of the shooting and its aftermath. I believe that this is something that must be looked into and feel very strongly about the plight of our brothers and sisters in countries like Pakistan where they are treated like an afterthought. I come from a Pakistani background and have seen the slow decent of a beautiful country where my parents grew up and enjoyed a life of peace and love. This is not the case for children growing up there today and the sooner that we realize this fact, the sooner we can look for solutions. This is not a joke and not only does their future depend on it, but so does the future of the corrupt masses driving them out into the streets at younger and younger ages for lack of education and common necessities which are their rights under the constitution, the rule of human nature and above all the rule of Allah.

I have linked the atrocious article below and was so offended that I decided to write a little blurb in the comments to answer to all the “intellectuals” who went on to write comments like, “LOL”, “Good one” and also poke some more fun at the investigators and politicians asking for further investigation. Now this particular paper, which you will recognize from the link below, has serious issues with anyone who wants to disagree with their point of view on any topic. Although they write the disclaimer that their paper doesn’t share the opinion with the writers (which in itself is very strange). I left the below comment in quotes and it was not posted to the comments, when I asked why no one bothered to answer me. Well, I decided to write this piece and present the matter myself, as the media seems to want to control everything even if it means to quash the voices of those with solutions. More problems, more stories, more business, bigger bellies…am I hot or cold?

Please do read the article and the comment I left below. It’s painful to see though. This paper used to stand for something. It used to have integrity and a thirst to find truth and honest media, but I guess when you get too big absolute power corrupts. Sad that we will bow down to money and fame before we will bow to Allah and His truth. Islam is the key for us to get back what we have lost, but who is listening over the clinking of coins? I just pray that we can pull ourselves out before we get so deep that the surface becomes a myth, an unattainable fairytale. The darkness is encompassing us and we are letting it, laughing, singing and dancing all the way to the depths of despair and disrepair.

Here’s the link, find the comment below. Let me know what you think.

“I think it is absolutely disgusting that we as a nation have become so completely jaded that we attempt to make a joke out of everything. I read the comments in this article and am not at all surprised that they are full of people who could be classified as “intellectuals” in their circles, but what their intellect is missing is a conscience. We are talking about a girl who got shot in the head for God sakes and we as a nation need to find out why that happened, not other countries and human rights groups. I am not all for making this girl a celebrity, as there are a so many children that are killed or hurt because they want to live a simple life with simple freedoms that are not available to them in this country. And please do not even give me the Taliban argument. Have you seen our cities and the states of our schools? We are all preventing children, boys and girls alike, from receiving any sort of education. Through our inaction and our sheesha induced daze, we are giving them an environment where they become the victims of gunfire, blasts and target killing on a regular basis. We cannot just chalk up everything to being “conspiracy theories” every chance we get because we cannot face ourselves and the decisions that our forefathers made and we continue to make that are leading us to a path of utter destruction. A country of imbecile children will only breed imbecile adults who are going to be the ones to show you in your old age what a huge blunder you made by ignoring the human plight. In life we should never look up, only look down and pull those beneath us up to our level. I am sad that this author who seems to have a gift for words is using it to ridicule questions that should be asked and answered. I would rather that men like him write to wake the people up through the power of words so that we can take our country back and return to the roots that it came into existence to propel. The idea that this nation is one under God and that we will do what it takes to follow His guidance and make the world watch as we prosper. Unfortunately we only live for our elders and obsess that their way of life was the right way…we are wrong. It has not worked and it will never work. They became corrupt and ignorant of the situation around them and that is what has led to our downfall. We need to realize that under Islam all of humanity is our responsibility to maintain, nurture and elevate. With the attitude we have we instead destroy, isolate and demean not only one another, but also everyone who comes within our orbit. We need to wake up to this reality now, otherwise it will not be long before God grows weary of us and our ignorance and wakes us up Himself. How much can we ignore, how much can we laugh at before we become the butt of someone else’s joke?”

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