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This year we ended up having two Eid days once again. While one group celebrated on one day, the other celebrated on another. This debate is everlasting and since we are trying to understand the deen on a deeper level we decided to take a deeper look into this.

I found this amazing article written by a well known Imam in Alberta, Canada (linked below). I was really impressed with his understanding of the Quran and Hadith and how it applies to the ever changing world. Please do take a look and see for yourself. Allah has logic above all and our desires cannot trump that.

This is not about being united under the banner of one Eid, it is about being united on the Quran and the Sunnah of our Beloved Peophet (SAW). The article brings up some solid points, such as the fact that we may desire this because we have seen the Christians and the Jewish people celebrating their sacred days on one day, so we feel we must too, but this is not the way of the Sunnah, Subhan’Allah. The Prophet (SAW) said when you see the crescent moon, celebrate Eid. No messengers were sent out by horseback to announce Eid to surrounding areas, although this could have been done. Eid was decided on the sighting of the crescent by at least two trustworthy pious individuals in the local area.

I remember back home the moon sighting being a huge event, Alhamdulillah! Exciting and beautiful, the wonder of it making the children stare up at the sky in awe that perhaps they would be the first to sight it. My parents tell me stories of standing in fields and on rooftops looking for the hair-thin crescent and celebrating the night with their families and friends when they sighted it. Where has this tradition gone? Are we so far gone and have our noses been so stuffed inside all this technology that we can’t really enjoy our holidays and traditions as they are meant to be? Is it not all this technology that turned this rift into gorge? Instead of enjoying ourselves on the few days we get, we pout and accuse when we should be bringing joy, love, and peace to one another that lasts throughout the year. The day doesn’t matter, the mindset does. Celebrating locally is the Sunnah, Alhamdulillah. It’s just that simple.

In the end, Muslims are not Muslims because they do what the majority does. They are Muslims in light of the Quran and following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) even if that requires you to sometimes stand alone. We are disunited and mute over the things that really count, such as ending all the corruption, greed, and violence that has overtaken us, but our passion seems to overflow when it comes to moon-sighting issues and how we place our hands during Salah, Subhan’Allah.

Please do read the article. Sometimes, you have to stand for what is right, no matter how few stand with you. Some people give into the pressure, but right now we need unity in the right way and right direction. Having the same Eid is not going to fix us. We are broken and this subject needs to be put to rest. Lets reset our mindsets and follow the Quran and Sunnah simply so that we can concentrate on how to mend ourselves as well as this Ummah, Insha’Allah. Whenever your local Eid falls, call out to Him and ask Him to guide you and all of us for His purpose and for His pleasure, not for the pleasure of our families, friends or leaders, Ameen. He is the one we have to impress, He sent the Prophet (SAW) as a mercy to us and we are casting mercy aside as if we know better. The deen has already been perfected by the one that Allah Himself chose, can we improve on perfection? It’s a shame if we think we can.

We throw each other to the wolves everyday, use hateful rhetoric, and then complain that we are not united. This just won’t do. We must love and respect each other for His sake and honor the sacrifice and tears of our Prophet (SAW) and his Companions (RA).

We have a guide and a way. Isn’t it time we returned to our roots and started making real changes? Isn’t it time that we united on the Quran and Sunnah? It’s not about uniting on the day, it’s about uniting on the way, Insha’Allah.

Please read the article…Let me know what you think!For some more in depth reading we can also refer to Shaikh Hamza Yusuf’s book, ironically, called: Caesarean Moon Births: Calculations, Moon Sighting, and the Prophetic Way (PDF linked below).

Eid Mubarak wherever you are! Please help make it blessed, make a change!

The Article:

United under The Quran and Sunnah…No one should be left behind or led astray:

Please also see the book below (PDF) and support the Author, Shaikh Hamza Yusuf, by purchasing it at Sandala:

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A Beautiful Perspective of the moon sighting from a Non-Muslim Astronomer:

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