She’s coming undone,
Splitting at the seams,
He’s tearing at her fabric
Unfolding and folding
No thread left untouched.

Molded through time,
He resets the path.
Descending to humility,
Ascending to purity.

She’s an enigma,
A shrouded secret,
A masterpiece.
She’s a work in progress,
A broken whisper,
An anticipation.

His to weave,
His to weigh,
His to measure,
His to fashion.
His to leave,
His to retrieve.
Only His.

She shivers exposed,
He covers her in warmth.
In darkness she dwells
He brings her to Light.
Her heart aches,
He brings her respite.
In here He is the only One,
For only Him,
She comes undone.

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